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Tämä tuote on lisätty torstaina 23 heinäkuuta, 2020.

Veloxity 1,1m EPP kit, red

Wingspan: 1070 mm
Length : 1120 mm
Flying Weight : flight 550g
Controlled Channels: 4 - 5
Suitable Motor: 250 W outrunner
Recommended Power Pack: 3s lipo 1300 - 2200 mAh
Recommended Servos: 4 pcs of good quality 12g servos

Malli RCF-T93r
Merkki RC-Factory
Varastossa: 1
Hinta:   €  112,10
Ilman ALV

RC-factory Veloxity

From the Twisted mind of Cody Wojcik comes the Veloxity! Loosely based on the full-scale Velox Revolution 1, the Veloxity delivers an experience never before available in a foam plane. As one of the stiffest foam airframes around, precision tracking, a fast roll rate, wild tumbles, knife edge spins, and other maneuvers normally reserved for wood airplanes are all within the Veloxity's repertoire. With its consistent roll rate and arrow-straight tracking, the Veloxity may be the best rifle roll trainer out there! Of course, pull back on the throttle and the Veloxity will 3D with the best of them. A custom airfoil and carefully chosen moments means that smooth harriers upright, inverted, and rolling are stable and predictable, but not sloppy or imprecise...the Veloxity maintains precision through its whole flight envelope.
Backing up the Veloxity's aerodynamic and structural design is a proven power combo. Armed to the teeth with the 100 gram Twisted Metal Works "Big Bell" motor, 12x6 prop, and 45 amp ESC, the Veloxity has a power level bordering on irresponsible.  The Veloxity is happy flying on 3S batteries as small as 1300, or as large as 2200 for six solid minutes of high energy insanity.

Building the Veloxity is a snap. RCFactory's precision foam machining and laser cut wood, carbon, and fiberglass parts bond in quickly and easily into pre-cut slots and grooves. In many ways the Veloxity builds as easily as a 32" flat plane, and a couple of easy sessions is all you'll need to get it together and ready to rip. Controls are actuated with precision ball links that go together easily and pop off in a hard crash, saving servos.
Aspiring pilots need not fear the Veloxity! With reduced throws and the throttle pulled back a bit, it's an easy airplane to fly and is extremely predictable. It's a perfect step between 32" flat foamies and your first balsa bird. The super strong airframe means that less than perfect landings and the occasional dirt nap will not keep you grounded!

Wingspan   :  1070 mm
Length   :  1120 mm
Flying Weight   :  up 550 g
Controlled Channels   :  4 - 5
Suitable Motor   :  250 W

DualSky XM3530CA-14T 160/250 W

ESC: 30A

Recommended Power Pack  

:  3s lipo 1200 - 2200 mAh

Recommended Servos  

:  4 pcs of good quality 12g servos

Digital 12g servo, metallirattailla, ES08MD II