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Tämä tuote on lisätty maanantaina 20 marraskuuta, 2023.

Step 2 trainer, EPP, Blue

Step 2 on suunniteltu Step One koneen jatkoksi ja siihen sopii samat osat, tarvitset lisäksi vain kaksi servoa siivekkeisiin.  Step 2 on erittäin kestävä ja hauska kone lentää. Se sopiin niin aloittelijoille, kuin kokeneillekin, jotka haluavat rauhallisen ja erittäin kestävän lennokin. Step 2 on paksua EPP materiaalia ja lähes hajoamaton.

Malli RCF-Step2-blue-B23
Merkki RC-Factory
Varastossa: 1
Hinta:   €  80,40
Ilman ALV

The Step 2 model was designed by Jan Sedláček as a successor to the Step One model, especially for beginners of RC flying, but also for the fun of the more experienced ones.

The construction is in standard EPP thickness, so Step Two is durable and almost unbreakable. We have tried to simplify the assembly of the model as much as possible, so that even an inexperienced modeler can build the model correctly and without complications. This is also the basis for the very detailed instructions.

If the recommended settings are followed, Step 2 is easy to operate. The model is calm and stable in the air, but choose windless air for the first launches.

The easily removable wing makes transport easy even when traveling for example on holiday. The Step Two comes with a carbon landing gear, so you can practice take-offs and landings from the ground. Due to the large wheels, you can also take off from mown grass. Take-offs and landings should always be made into the wind, as the airspeed relative to the ground will be reduced and you will therefore need less space for take-off and landing. Avoid flying near high-tension wires and always remember that even with such a simple model, damage to property or health can easily occur.

The equipment for the model is selected so that the complete equipment from the Step One can be used, only two Volta D6M aileron servos are needed


Backyard Series:

This is the classic, very popular 3D EPP line. The rugged construction allows you to learn all kinds of new maneuvers without fear of destroying your model.

Key Features

  • Wingspan: 1140 mm
  • Length: 830 mm
  • AUW: 350 g
  • Motor: 2204 - 2206
  • ESC: 15A
  • Servo: 4 x 6g
  • Battery: 450 3S, 600 2S (25C)
  • Propeller: 8x4.1

Package Includes

  • Kit without equipment set - see photo

Recommended equipment sets (motor, servos, ESC, propeller, batteries) can be found below in accessories.


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