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Seagull Glide Soaring System, 2.4 GHz, 100mW

(Worldwide Use, FCC/CE Approved, up to 3Km Range with included wire antennas).
Seagull Glide system, a revolutionary Variometer and Soaring Tool for model sailplanes.

Malli SEA-GLIDE-24
Merkki EagleTree
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We are pleased to offer our Seagull Glide system, a revolutionary Variometer and Soaring Tool for model sailplanes.

NEW: now you can connect the Glide system to the data port of your Spektrum or JR (TM) "Flight Log" compatible RX to log and display RF Link performance data!.

With the Glide system, data previously available only on full sized gliders is provided to the pilot in real-time. Unlike other limited feature variometers on the market, the Glide system has a fully digital wireless link, data logging, tremendous expandability, and many other advanced features.

Unit comes pre-configured. No computer required!

Here are just a few of the features found only on the Glide system:

  • Varying tone variometer with advanced electronic Total Energy Compensation – no cumbersome TE probe to install
  • Minimum sinkrate, climbrate, averaging period, and other flight monitoring parameters are fully adjustable while your plane is in the air
  • Full support for English and Metric units
  • Airspeed measurement from 2 to 290 MPH
  • Altitude measurement with 1’ resolution
  • Sinkrate capture function for polar and L/D calculations
  • Receiver battery voltage monitoring included
  • Includes full featured data logger for recording and analyzing your flights with a PC
  • Tiny, lightweight onboard components require no separate battery
  • Small, self-contained LCD Dashboard with speaker and headphone jack
  • Fully programmable audible alerts can be set on all parameters.
  • Optional low cost, plug-n-play sensors available for RPM, temperatures, pack current and voltage, servo movements, G-Force, GPS, and more.
  • Receiver is a USB peripheral: plug the receiver into your PC to get full screen live display and recording
  • System includes: LCD Dashboard/Receiver, Onboard Black Box and Transmitter, Pitot tube, power cable, Windows CD with Virtual Instrument Display and Graphing, and instructions.

NEW - Google Earth (TM) Real time and Recorded GPS support! Unleash the power of our Glide system + our GPS Expander with the powerful visualization capabilities of Google Earth! Our software now supports live data feed to Google Earth, as well as exporting of recorded data to the Google Earth format!

NEW - Multiple Sensor Support! Our fully expandable systems make it easy to completely instrument your sailplane adding lots of channels of Temperature, Voltage, Current, A/D, etc.

Click here to view the Glide System Manual (PDF)