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Radiolink CB86 Plus, 8 x 1-6s LiPo laturi

RadioLink's CB86-Plus charger can charge from 1S to 6S LiPo batteries, and has a charging current of 0.1A to 6As

Malli CB86_Plus
Merkki Radiolink
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RadioLink's CB86-Plus charger can charge from 1S to 6S LiPo batteries, and has a charging current of 0.1A to 6As. RadioLink's CB86-Plus charger can cycle charge, parallel charge, or discharge your LiPo batteries with ease. RadioLink's CB86-Plus charger allows its user to charge up to 8 LiPo batteries at the same time(make sure all the batteries you’re charging have the same cell count). RadioLink's CB86-Plus charger comes with a 2.8 inch TFT full-color display, sound notifications, and a huge integrated fan unit to keep it cool during large charges. The best thing about this is its parallel charging capability, which allows you to top off up to 8 batteries at one time.


- Dimension: 188*104*57mm
- Weight: 800g
- Input Voltage: 11-15V DC
- Compatible battery type: 1S-6S (3.8-22.2 V)
- Working mode: cycle/parallel/discharge model
- Charge current: 0.1-6A
- Balance current: 6A
- Discharge current: 1.0A
- Display: 2.8 inches TFT full-color display
- Voice: programmable start and off buzzer voice
- Max output: 156W


- 0.01V precision. Precision of CB86-Plus professional charger is 1mV, what is 10 times better than provided by near competitors.
- Eight batteries charging at one time. Patent technology charge port (Patent # 201320212324.2). Compatible with 1S to 6S battery packs, forbidding ventures of batteries connect in parallel and mutual charge. Integrated nanny, one time setting for maximum eight connected batteries.
- High efficiency and low power consumption. Support maximum 6A ballance current, 1C charge every battery less than 1 hour. Push-pull design makes charging efficiency up to 97%. Close competitors has 70% of efficiency. Moreover, self working current only 135mA.
- Battery doctor. Charging diaries including initial voltage, complete voltage and charge/discharge voltage, etc. Analyze of every battery cell’s capacity in each group and assess of internal resistance. Precision voltage and trickle repairing restore the high-power of overdischarged battery.
- Independent balance charge. Inegrated 6 ways for charge current and equiped exclusive charging circuit for every single battery cells, which realize batteries don’t affect each other in independent ballance charge system
- Real-time display of the charging/discharging process with all parameters
- U-Disk upgrade model (Connect USB-Delete-Copy. Easily done.)


Your purchase includes:
- 1*CB86 Plus Battery Balance Charger