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Gens Ace IMARS mini G-Tech USB-C 2-4S 60W RC Battery Charger

60W automaattinen LiPo, LiHV ja NiMH laturi, joka saa virran USB-C powerista (maksimiteho yli 60W USB-C virtalähteellä).Tunnistaa automaattisesti akun kapasiteetin ja säätää latausvirtaa sen mukaan. Tunnistaa Gens Ace G-Tech akut ja valitsee oikean latausohjelman automaattisesti.

Malli GEA60WE2
Merkki GensAce Tattu
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Hinta:   €  24,15
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The Gens Ace Imars Mini Charger is an Intelligent Charger designed for the Gens Ace G-Tech smart battery, which is also compatible with non-smart batteries.

It is the first member of the Gens ace G-Tech Smart Eco, when the Gens ace G-Tech battery is connected to the Imars Mini charger, the charger will automatically identify the battery type, voltage through the smart balance connector, and charging current recommended by the battery manufacturer. The charger will start charging in 5 seconds automatically after G-Tech smart battery is connected.

For non-smart batteries, it's necessary to manually select the battery type and the required working mode to get it started. The charger can intelligently adjust the charging current according to the charging voltage flow of the battery. It is so convenient to store and transport that you can take it for weekly racing or travelling abroad.

Release Video:

Product Features:

  1. Charges 2-4S LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, and 2-12S NiMH batteries.
  2. Intelligently recognizes G-Tech smart battery info through an IC chip for safe and easy charging.
  3. Automatic storage function, it's the smallest charger with auto storage.
  4. New interface design and increased balance connector durability.
  5. Small & lightweight, portable design.

Product Specifications:

  1. Max. Charge Power: 60W
  2. Charge Current:1-5A, Max. 5A(Auto Adjustment)
  3. Max. Storage Power: 3W discharge, 60W charge
  4. Input Voltage: 5-20V
  5. Max. Input Current: DC 3A
  6. Balance Current: 0.4A/Cell X 2
  7. Input Port: QC/PD/BC1.2/USB-C V1.4/SDP/CDP/DCP/Apple 5V/2.4A (Does not support 5V/1A adapter input)
  8. Abnormal Battery Voltage Alarm: Yes
  9. Supported Battery Types: Lipo/LiHv/LiFe(2~4S), NiMH(2-12S)
  10. Working Temperature: 0℃~40℃
  11. Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃
  12. Dimension: 85*55*21mm
  13. Net Weight: Approx. 64g

What's in the box?

  1.  Imars Mini 60W Smart Charger * 1
  2. XT60 female to EC3 male adapter *1
  3. XT60 female to Deans(T) male adapter *1
  4. Product Manual *1


Q: Why can't I select the current setting on the new Imars mini charger?

A: Our new Imars Mini Charger automatically configures itself to the connected battery whether it's G-TECH or NOT. Imars Mini charger uses proprietary software to detect the size of the battery and charge using the correct current settings. Imars Mini will normally charge at a 1C to 1.5C rate up to 60 watts of total power.