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Tämä tuote on lisätty tiistaina 28 elokuuta, 2018.

Flash Reloaded, EPP kit, nebula

RC-factory Flash on tullut uudelleen suunniteltuna!. Uusi Flash on helpompi rakentaa ja siihen on tullut pieniä muutoksia, jotka helpottavat kylkilentoa.
Wingspan: 1000 mm
Length : 1010 mm

Malli Flash-re-neb
Merkki RC-Factory
Varastossa: 1
Hinta:   €  78,23
Ilman ALV

The Flash is an improvement of the original 3D trainer that used to be produced under the same name. Although the main parameters remained the same, the model was totally re-engineered for easier and straightforward build. 

The model, which was originally designed as all-around 3D trainer capable of anything you might ask from it, was re-introduced after concentrated demand from our customers. 

You will appreciate the forgiving characteristics and smooth, linear response of this model - it will make your learning new 3D maneuvers a breeze.

Key Features

Wing span: 1000 mm
Length: 1020 mm
AUW: 350 - 420 g
Motor: 100 - 200 W ie. DualSky XM2826EA-14T 145 W

ESC: 15 - 20 A  DualSky 18 A ESC, V2 liittimillä
Servo: 4 x 9 - 12 g  Digital 10,6g siipiservo, ES3351
Battery: 650 - 1200 3S
Prop: 9 x 4 - 5

Flash 2018 manual EN