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Tämä tuote on lisätty keskiviikkona 06 toukokuuta, 2020.

DualSky ECO 2820C 800KV 540W 138g

3-4 lipo
Max eff. current: 22A, Peak current 34 A (15s)
Prop range 3s 14x7 - 4s 11x7
Weight: 138g

Teholuokka: 1000-2000g, 300-600W
Suositeltu jännite: 4-5s LiPo
Malli 51665
Merkki DualSky
Varastossa: 1
Hinta:   €  31,45
Ilman ALV

3-4 lipo
Max eff. current: 22A, Peak current 34 A (15s)
Prop range 3s 14x7 - 4s 11x7
Weight: 138g

For .21 - .30 class (700g-1400g) airplanes.

ECO V2, new model

ECO V2 has made great improvements in many respects. It brought new electromagnetic design, more competitive performance and efficiency, long-time endurance and water-proof. This is new ECO V2.

1.Classic Dualsky five-spokes back cover with simple lines. The nuances are quite different.

2.Traditional Dualsky color matching (silver-black-sliver), anodized and matte finishing

3.Multi-surface rotating laser marking, Logos, model and traceable serial number

4.Motor structure strength increased by 25%

5.Optimized stress distribution and strength increased but it did not increase the weight.

6.High strength and high toughness main shaft (HRC48)

7.The rotor limit adopts 2 insurance modes of circlip and stainless steel chocks

8.High temperature resistant, high toughness epoxy glue

9.Due to the above optimizations. The impact resistance increased about 10G, and the survival ability is greatly improved.

10.High precision double sides dynamic balancing

11.Adopt NMB ball bearing, durable and low noise. ECO 41 and bigger, equipped with 3 ball bearings

12.Optimized heat dissipation ways

13.Motor working life significantly increased by 50% (same load and working environment)

14.Modular design: main shaft, case and accessories (propeller mount and motor mount) are all compatible with the upcoming EA series. Besides, the design of propeller mount is completely implanted from GA series.

15.Up to 500V insulation level. The stator is coated with insulated-coating and completely insulated after winding.

16.Waterproof splash. Rust-proof main shaft, coil soak insulation, electrophoresis components and coated magnets make ECO V2 waterproof, and no problem working in wet or rain environment.

(PS: ball bearing not waterproof)