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Crack Pitts EPP kit Black/Red

wingspan: 800 mm
weight: 180 g suitable power unit: 60 - 80W (25g)
power battery: 2s lipo, 320 - 450 mAh

Malli RCF_CrackPitts
Merkki RC-Factory
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Hinta:   €  69,00
sis. 24% ALV
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Extra Pitts EPP kit, Crack series

The new Crack Pitts EPP range are top and bottom printed 3D foamies with a 31.5"/800mm wingspan designed for 60-80W brushless motors and 3 servos.

Each RC Factory Extra Slick EPP is produced entirely from EPP and has a target flying weight of 160-200g (5.64-7.05oz). The 31.5"/800m wing is not profiled. These models are designed to be built quickly and do not have an undercarriage although an undercarriage is available separately.

Recommended equipment (not included):

motor: DualSky XM2215MA-17 or DualSky XM2215RTR-17 63 W

speed controller: 8 - 12A (DualSky 10 A mini ESC, V2 liittimillä)

servo: 2 x Digital 03,7 g servo, 1x 9 g (Digital 08g servo)

battery: 320 - 450 2S (25C)

propeller: 8x4


wingspan :  800 mm
weight   :  180 g
number of controlled components   :  4
suitable power unit   :  60 - 80W (25g)
power battery   :  2s lipo, 320 - 450 mAh