• Walkera Vitus 320 flight
    Walkera Vitus 320 flight
  • Vitus Starlight compared to normal Vitus, which has already more sensitive camera than DJI mavic for example.
    Vitus Starlight compared to normal Vitus, which has already more sensitive camera than DJI mavic for example.
  • Vitus 320 folded side
    Vitus 320 folded side
  • Walkera Vitus 320 folding
    Walkera Vitus 320 folding
  • Vitus augmented reality
    Vitus augmented reality
  • Vitus 320 new camera
    Vitus 320 new camera
  • Walkera vitus devo radio
    Walkera vitus devo radio
  • Vitus flight
    Vitus flight
  • Vitus active track, hand gesture
    Vitus active track, hand gesture
  • Vitus 320 lite folded from top
    Vitus 320 lite folded from top
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Walkera Vitus 320 yökuvaus, 3-gimbal, 3D esteenväistö

Vitus 320 Starlight on yökuvaukseen tehty versio, jossa on erittäin herkkä kamera. Voit kuvata videota tai kuvia heikossa valossa, kuin IR kameralla. Eri kamera, mutta muuten samat ominaisuudet kuin tavallisessa Vituksessa. Tallenna esim. ilotulitukset tai yötapahtumat.

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Walkera Vitus Starlight

Ultra sensitive light sensors

The night-vision starlight camera has ultra sensitive light sensors capable of detecting extremely faint light, so that clear images can be shot even in illuminance less than 0.001lux (equivalent of normal night), breaking the stereotype of “There are no such things as clear nighttime photos”. Therefore, targets can be tracked more effectively at night and expose themselves in more details.

Capable both day and night

The night-vision starlight camera can automatically sense the change of light, empowering you to shoot clear footage not only at night, but also in daytime with the same shooting quality. Monitoring can proceed at any time you want.

Colorful & HD video

With night-vision starlight camera, you are capable of shooting colorful and high definition video with resolution of 1080P/30fps so that the targets can be identified more easily at night.

Short Exposure Time

Restricted by the shutter speed, ordinary night- vision cameras can only capture blurred images and low illuminant videos at night because of long-time exposure. Thanks to the high speed shutter, the night-vision starlight camera can provide perfect footage during nighttime and the exposure time is enormously shortened, greatly improving the efficiency of video/photo shooting.

Nighttime Monitoring Expert

Vitus Starlight has a wide variety of applications at night. Being versatile, it can do traffic monitoring, anti-terrorism monitoring, military monitoring, rescue monitoring, disaster status monitoring and so on.

Compact design
The Walkera Vitus is a very compact drone, you can fold it for transport and it's very light (890g) and the new Devo F8S radio is also very compact and uses small tablet on smart phone as screen on top of the radio where it is easy to follow the video while in air.
Flight functions
Vitus 320 has been equipped with GPS and GLONASS sats sensors. It has Slow GPS flight  mode for beginners, Fast GPS mode for faster flying and manual mode for experts. It also has circle mode to take 360 degree videos around the target. With Active Track the Vitus 320 can follow targets you set on the screen.

3D Obstacle avoidance and indoor assistant

Just added!. Now with IR and ultrasonic sensors on sides, front and bottom. Can avoid obstacles and reverse on moving obstacles.

Augmented reality and simulator included!

Vitus 320 has the augmented reality that Walkera introduced in Aibao. With augmented reality you can add virtual objects on live video feed. It can be used to practice FPV racing on virtual tracks or just to have fun practising flying by playing games in the air.  It also has a simulation mode, which you can play with a simulated Vitus 320. This is very good first practise to learn to control your new quad.
Flight time
The flight time of the Vitus 320 is around the 25 minutes (5200mAh LiHV battery). Control range around 1km.


Specifications for Walkera Vitus


Main Rotor Dia.: 177mm
Dimensions (L x W x H): 229x279x133mm
Weight: 890g(batteries included)
Remote Controller: DEVO F8S
Main board: VITUS 320
Brushless Motor: WK-WS-28-017A
Brushless ESC: VITUS 320
Battery: 11.4V 5200mAh LiPo 3S
Flight Time: 22minutes for positioning flight (with10% battery level residual) 25minutes for ultimate flight
Working temperature: -10℃~+40℃


Controllable turn range: -90°~ 0° pitch

Optical flow visual positioning system

Operating environment: Surfaces with rich patterns, and sufficient illumination (more than15 lux, indoor lights are on)

Night vision Camera

Image Sensor

SONY:1/2.7"" CMOS: pixel 2MP
Lens FOV 85°;4.4mm;f/1.2 aperture
ISO scope 100-12800
E-shutter 1/10-1/10000
Photo resolution 1920*1080
Record resolution UHD:1920*1080 30fps
Max code rate of video storage: 16Mbit/s
Picture format JPEG
Video: MP4
Memory card supported Micro SD card (maximum 128G,transmitting speed is C10 and above or UHS-1)

DEVO F8S remote controller

Dimensions (L x W x H): 173x101x71mm
Working frequency: 2.4G
Signal range: About 1.5KM (open without shelter, no electromagnetic interference)
Built-in battery: 7.4V 2200mAh Li-po 2S