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    rodeo devo 7 radio
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Tämä tuote on lisätty keskiviikkona 11 tammikuuta, 2017.

Walkera Rodeo 110 BNF

Walkera Rodeo 110 ilman lähetintä, parita oman Devo radiosi kanssa tai liitä PPM/SBUS vastaanotin muiilla merkeillä ja lennä. Lennä sisällä tai ulkona tällä uskomattoman tehokkaalla, mutta pienellä ja kevyellä FPV racing dronella. Leveys vain 110mm ja paino 101g ilman akkua!. Harjattomat moottorit tarjoavat ennennäkemätöntä tehoa ja lentoaikaa tässä kokoluokassa.

Malli WK-rodeo-110-BNF
Merkki Walkera
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Walkera Rodeo 110 Racing Drone Bind And Fly

The wheelbase is only 110mm and the net weight is only 101g (147g including battery).

However it is very strong and durable for crash. Carbon fibre frame.


Rodeo 110 is the fusion of Walkera’s powerful technical capabilities and insights from Walkera Fans . It allows indulging in flying even indoors with the weight and volume as coreless dc motors aircrafts and racing drones’ speed and power. Rodeo 110 is fully equipped even the size is very small. it owns a combination of brushless motors strong driving force and firmly carbon fiber frame even the fuselage wheelbase is only 110mm and net weight is only 101g enough You can even fly in dark indoors with the foresight lighting ,HD camera and 5.8Ghz live video transmission technology.


HD camera image transmission

  • Equiped with 600TVL HD wide-angle camera, clear view and comprising everything in sight
  • Camera adjustable angle 0°~45°,can adjust corresponding camera angle according to flying speed.
  • Strong searchlight carried in front of fuselage, even though flying in night or in the shadow, can also get a clear image.
  • High power real-time image transmission, support image transmission power 25mW/200mW one key to switch.

Strong power capacity

  • High Speed Mini Brushless Motor: Consider the light weight and the low cost, many factories may adopts the coreless motor for indoors racing drone,coreless motors has low cost and the light weight, but the durability is greatly reduced, Gennerally,the coreless motor has ten times filight life,the most important is that it sacrifices the core of the enjoyment –ouput power, only acts soft and low speed flight.Rodeo 110 configured high speed mini brushless motors and high performance Lipo battery, and strong violent 3 leaf blades, the speed can be high and low, makes you freely start –up turning,brake,rolling and so on .fully power output, makes you free in flight although in a breeze outdoors.

Quick charge, Long life battery

  • 850mAh Lipo battery: Small volume and strong power does not mean short endurance life. Different with other normal drones with only 2-3minutes flying time, Rodeo combined with high efficiency power system and high-performance 850mah Li-po battery, the flying time can be 6 minutes, it is double compare with other same size quadrotor in the market. Battery charge time need about 30 minutes, that means you can fly uninterrupted only by few pieces batteries.

Support extend PPM/SBUS radio

  • Support other PPM/SBUS radio: There is PPM/SBUS radio interface on flight control, can extend to install other brand radio, like Futaba. DIY players can switch the radio through one key at bottom of fuselage, then use other brand radio to control.

Collision avoidance design, full protection

  • 2MM Carbon fiber: Rodeo 110 is made of super strength carbon filber, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, baseplate thickness reach 2MM, with forearm arch design, overlong discharged surface can reduce the chance of are break effectively, don’t be afraid of collision.Meanwhile, there is high-strength protective canopy for motor and camera, increase its crash-worthiness.

F3 controller system

  • F3 Controller: F3 is the mainstream controller, full-featured, stable and responsive, support self-stabilization mode, unauto-stabilize mode and manual mode change by one switch, very popular.

Compact and Simple

  • All in one Main board: For a normal DIY aircraft, there is a complicated components and wires connection processes must be finished, only a F3 FC would take up 36(mm)x36(mm) space.The Rodeo 110 uses PCB circuit board with the integration of Flight controller,receiver and video transmitter etc; its size is only 33(mm)x68(mm) which save lot of spaces and  weights so that could obtain an extremely tiny body.

Modular Design

  • Modular Design: It is a closed modular design of core parts; ESCs and video transmitter are installed detachably which leads to easy to repair and maintain .