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Skycat X68 series, all-in-one package for 4-8 kg (up to 11 kg) U

complete Skycat X68 parachute recovery system with the following components:

  • Parachute launcher unit  X68 series, carbon fiber
  • Fruity Chutes IFC-60-S parachute
  • Trigger unit to be connected to battery and radio
  • Fuse materials for 20 fuses
  • Attachment set
  • For Walkera X900, Dji S900 etc.


Malli X68-full-11kg
Merkki Skycat
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Hinta:   €  520,16
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  • X68-CF Launcher weight: 190g / 6.70 oz, carbon fiber
  • X68 Launcher weight: 192g / 6.77 oz transparent
  • X68 Launcher weight: 199g / 7.02 oz carbon fiber style taping
  • Launcher size: 68 mm x 215 mm / 2.6” x 8.4”
  • Trigger weight: 40g / 1.41 oz
  • Trigger operating voltage:
    • Launch battery voltage: 3-4s
    • Receiver voltage: 4.9V - 6.1V
  • Parachute weight: 185g / 6.53 oz
  • Total system weight: approx 417g

The unit comes with a user manual. An instructional video about arming, disarming and parachute packing is sent upon order. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this product.

Fruity Chutes parachute is very strong parachute and is rated up to 11 kilos, when opened from unlimited free fall with full G force.