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Tämä tuote on lisätty keskiviikkona 01 elokuuta, 2018.

Walkera FE15 drone palokunnalle, 30x optinen zoom ja sammutin

FE 15 on palon sammuttamiseen ja valvontaan. Se pystyy ampumaan jauhesammuttimen jopa 40 metrin päähän. Ammus voidaan ampua myös pimeässä erittäin herkän tähtäyskameran ansiosta. 30 x optisella zoom:lla voi paloa tarkkailla kaukaa ja zoomata kuvan pesäkkeisiin. Alkusammutuksen voi hoitaa heti paikalla, ennen tikasauton saapumista ja valmistelua. Ota yhteyttä lopullista hintaa varten.

Malli WK_FE15
Merkki Walkera
Varastossa: 0
Hinta:   €  66.935,48
Ilman ALV

With the development of society, urban high-rise buildings have become a common form of architecture. The high-rise buildings bring great challenges to fire rescue. Fire equipment is unable to arrive at fire location and control it quickly due to the high-rise buildings. In order to solve this problem, Walkera designed the FE15 firefighting UAV, It possesses the ability of large payload, strong wind resistance and high precision dropping. It can also launch a fire extinguishing projectile in a complex fire environment.

FE15 is a special firefighting UAV for high buildings, with the design of the foldable fuselage, the super strong payload and anti-tremor ability. It can quickly arrive at the high-level fire field, observe the fire with high magnification camera, and launch the fire extinguishing projectile.

  • 30X optical zoom camera

  • Super-long distance

  • inspect the operation site

  • 35mins flight time

  • Long flight time and easy operation

  • 13 KGS Payload

  • Heavy payload, fast speed

  • Night vision targeting system

  • Aloft fire, Precision strike

Fire extinguishing bomb with night vision targeting system

The ultra-strong load and anti-tremor design, with the high magnification telescope and the high frame rate night vision camera, have high launching precision. it can launch the fire extinguishing projectile accurately in the complex fire weather environment.
The real-time target control points are displayed on the ground control points, which greatly improves the accuracy of shooting and improves the efficiency of rescue

  • Fire extinguisher maximum range: 40 meters
  • Extinguishing agent type: ABC Superfine dry powder
  • Single shooting area covering of 9 cube meters
  • Night vision targeting system, APP Cross Aiming Star

Infrared obstacle avoidance

FE15 firefighting drone uses infrared TOF technology, it can recognize obstacle 5m away in the front and then stop fly forward by intelligent obstacle avoidance system which works under high-precision sensors.

30X optical zoom camera

The standard package comes with 30X optical zoom camera. It can monitor fire location in detail over a long distance, then help you to make a correct rescue plan. You can load different types of equipment according to different needs, like Infrared thermal imaging camera and low light night vision camera.

Folding body design

The machine’s arms are designed with four axis transverse folding and embracing structure, and its structure is compact and firm. After folding, the whole machine is embraced, reducing the occupied area of the aircraft, saving the time of assembly for the staff to reduce the difficulty of packing, and greatly reducing the requirements of the transportation tools.

Heavy payload, long flight time

The design of the four axis rotor structure improves the flight power, which can load up to 13 kilograms. It can carry fire-extinguishing projectile and other rescue equipment. The battery uses high performance and high energy density power battery and equipped with a battery management unit. The low-temperature performance of the core is optimized and the maximum load flying time can reach 35 minutes.

  • 35 minutes flight time

  • 13 KGS Max payload

  • APP Cross Aiming Star


Body dimension Wheelbase ≧1500mm
Folding dimension ≦650mm
Flight time 35minutes(load)
Payload 13KG
Maximum cruise speed 18m/s
Maximum rise speed 5m/s
Maximum decline speed 3m/s
Working altitude 4000m
Maximum wind resistance 12m/s
Waterproof and dustproof capability Basic waterproof/daily dustproof
Working temperature -10℃—45℃

Gimbal and Camera

Sensor 1/2.3 SONY IMX117 CMOS
Zoom ratio 30x optical zoom
ISO range 100-3200(Video) / 100-1600(Photo)
Recording resolution 4K 30fps
Photography resolution 4608 x 2600
Zoom speed About 2.0 seconds
Horizontal viewing angle 59.8°- 3.0°(Wide-angle telephoto)
Near distance 10 - 1500mm(Wide-angle telephoto)
Video storage stream 64Mbps Maximum
Compression standard H.264 / H.265
Support file storage format JPG/MP4
Memory card Micro SD/SDHC 128G Max Cards with a transmission rate of Class 10 and above or UHS-1 rating


Body(LXWLH) 165x174x62mm
Working frequency 1.4G/2.4G
Effective signal distance About 5KM(Open and unobstructed, no electromagnetic interference)

Fire extinguisher parameters

Model CM60 Airborne Fire Extinguisher
Diameter φ60mm
Length 995mm
Weight ≤3000g
Extinguishing agent type ABC Superfine dry powder
Extinguishing agent weight ≥1100g
Body material Aluminum alloy
Single fire extinguishing ability 9 cubic meters(Totally submerged)
Fire extinguisher firing current ≥700mA
Fire extinguisher safety current ≤150mA
Fire extinguisher maximum range ≤40 meters
Fire extinguisher launch velocity ≤35m/s
Fire extinguisher injection delay time ≥5s
Fire extinguisher working temperature -40℃~+50℃
Sealed Waterproof, moistureproof, non-explosive
Fire extinguisher service life 5 years

Shoot machine parameter

Model CM60 airborne launcher
Out diameter Shoot machine φ67mm
Maximum outer tube diameter φ70mm
Shoot machine full length 1000mm
Shoot machine full weight ≤1400g
60 types of projectile body Composite material, alloy
Shoot machine trigger voltage 12-24V electrical signal
Shoot machine triggered current ≥700mA
Shoot machine usage temperature -40℃~+50℃
Fire extinguisher service life 5 years ≥200 times

Download FE15 brochure (PDF file)