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3B-R Mini 128 Frame Combo w/ 1606 motors and Runcam Mini

Born to Be the Best 128mm FPV racing combo. Sisältää moottorit, potkurit, runcam mini FPV kameran ja antennin. Tarvitset lisäksi lennonohjaimen, nopeudensäätimet, videolähettimen, vastaanottimen ja ajoakun.

Malli 3B-r-128mm-combo
Merkki 3Bhobby
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1. Advanced Structure: The same design concept for the 3B-R 214 competition frame is used on the drone. In order to ensure the strength of the frame and to improve the appearance, the frame structure is CNC-machined by 3K-3mm high quality carbon fibre base plate.
2. Low Drag: The frame has a high-front low-back slider design to reduce wind drags and improve air speed. The unique front camera position provides the pilots with a much better vision.
3. Enhanced Power System: With the 1606 high efficiency brushless motor and newly designed GEMFAN propeller, the power-weight ratio of this drone goes up to 12:1, which delivers insane flying experience.
4. Professional setup: The equipment that come with the kit, such as the camera, airframe and props are carefully selected to ensure better flying experience and video quality.
5. Accessaries: The drone is capable of carrying a small HD camera such as GOPRO SESSION or RUNCAM 2-3.


Basic parameters:
1、Flight Weight(Without Battery): 156g
2、Motor mounting axis distance:128mm
3、Bottom Plate:3mm,side and top plate:1.5mm


Main parts:
1、Drone Kit: CNC-machined metal pillar×2, base plate 3mm×1, side frame×2 and top plate 1.5mm
2、Power System: 3B-R 1606 (3500KV) brushless motor CWX2, CCWX2, GF3035×3P×4 propellers
3、1×RUNCAM MINI camera, 1xAntenna,feeder pallet


What you will need to complete the drone:
1、Battery: 450-700 mAh>70C
2、ESC: 25A ESC X4, F3 or newer flight control(recommended 25A tower-type suite with mounting hole 20×20mm)
3、5,8G VTX, 25-600mW,RXs

User Manual Download: