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Step One FPV muunnossarja

FPV muunnossarja Step One lennokille. Sisältää mini kokoisen FPV lähettimen, 1000TVL kameran ja Step Onen alkuperäisen ohjaamon korvaavan FPV kotelon. Helppo lisätä. Huom. EU:ssa sallittu max. 25mW lähetysteho ja lentäessä laseilla, sinulla pitää olla spotteri, joka seuraa muuta ilmatilaa.

Malli RCF_StepOneFPV
Merkki RC-Factory
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Hinta:   €  40,32
Ilman ALV

This FPV conversion set will let you transform your Step One model into a remotely controlled FPV drone. With the help of our FPV equipment, you may virtually sit down in the cockpit of your model and fly out to enjoy the beauty of the countryside. This combination is ideal for your fist steps into the realm of FPV (= "first person view") flying - the model is light and you are not likely to cause much damage in case of crash or some other mishap. You are still obliged to follow all applicable rules, take a lot of precaution and apply your common sense. Never ever fly close to a "full size" airport!

For FPV flying you will need also video receiver and FPV video goggles, e.g. the Eachine VR007 Pro.


Key Features

  • video camera: CCD
  • video transmitter: 25 - 200 mW switchable, 5,8 GHz
  • canopy material: ABS


Package Includes

  • ABS canopy parts
  • CCD camera
  • miniature videotransmitter