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Sunrise SBEC 20 A 6-50V

Hakkuri UBEC. Sisääntulojännite 6V-50 V. Ulostulojännite 5-9 V (valittavissa). Virrankesto 20 A hetkellisesti.

Malli sunrise-SBEC-20A
Merkki V-GOOD
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Sunrise model Hakkuri 20A UBEC.

  • Sisääntulojännite 6V-50,4 V (2-12s LiPo). Ulostulojännite 5-6 V (valittavissa).
  • Virrankesto max. 20A
  • paino: 30g

Asenna UBEC aina mahdollisimman kauas vastaanottimesta. Älä poista johdossa olevia häiriösuojamagneetteja.

20A Switch-mode UBEC.

  • Input voltage 6V-50 V (upto 12s LiPo).
  • Output voltage 5-9 V (5V, 5.5V, 6V, 7V, 9V selectable).
  • 20 A peak current
  • Size:45mm x 26mm x 22mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • two power outputs for receiver

Small and light. Max output current is 20A

* Adopting the most advanced designing of Switch mode mastered by the main-controlling chip, combination of FET of extremely low resistor against high frequency, current limit protection.

* Stable and excellent performance with great power of the brand component.

* Output Voltage is 5V, 5.5V, 6V, 7V, 9V for selection by short-circuit plug (jumper wire).

* Output double wires configured with a professional filtering magnet loop largely reduces the electromagnetic interference to assure the regular work with load.

* 6V to 50.4V wide range of regular working voltage.

* Stable operating frequency, 100% Duty Cycle.

* Totally enclosed electronic inductance reduces largely the electromagnetic interference.

Product Specification

1) Output Voltage: 5V, 5.5V, 6V, 7V, 9V (jumper selection)

2) Max output current: 20 Amps

3) Input: 6V-50.4V (2-12 cells lithium battery pack)

4) Quiescent current: 60μA-200μA


Application / Models

---Advantages of Switch BEC over traditional BEC:

Comparing with the linear regulator BEC, Switch BEC with battery pack has main advantages as followings: When you use more than three bunches of Li-XX (11.1V) battery pack, it can reduce largely the heat in BEC and improve the efficiency of the whole kit. For example, a battery pack of four bunches Li-xx battery can supply 16.8V when it work regularly. If a traditional linear regulator BEC is used, the power pack must supply 1A current so as to output 5V/1A current. So the power of BEC is 16.8W (16.8V*1A). However, the actual useful output power of BEC is only 5W (5V*1A). So the efficiency of the whole power is only 29.7% (5/16.8), the rest of 11.8W power into heat may lead to the serious over-heat in BEC even a fatal damage and out of work of chips; If you use a Switch BEC, the testing power pack is just needed to input 0.36A so as to output 5.5V/1A, and the power is 6.048W (16.8V*0.36A), the whole efficiency of Switch BEC is 90.9%(5.5/6.046).