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8000mAh, 4S1P, 14.8V, 20C/2C

8000mAh HEDS, 4S1P, 14.8V, 20C/2C, 740g. For UAV.

Kennomäärä/jännite: 4s 14,8V
Akkuliitin: Ei liitintä
Malli XP80004HEDS
Merkki DualSky
Varastossa: -1
Hinta:   €  118,55
Ilman ALV

Dualsky 6th Generation Xpower battery technology
Laminated structure, Nano-Coating Technology, Ultra-Low-IR.
The key material is imported from Japan.
Industry most stringent single cell capacity, voltage, resistance and discharge curve
(competition level) matching process.
Provide standard shape and long configuration combination modes for different airframes.

     Description: XP80004HED
     Capacity(mAh): 8000
     Voltage(V): 14.8
     Energy(Wh): 119.88
     Number of Cell: 4S1P
     Weight(g): 740 
     Dimensions L x W x T (mm): 40 x 49 x 166
     Wiring & Connector: 10AWG
     Max Charge: 2C
     Max Cont. Discharge: 20C
     Max Cont.  Current: 160A