Literadio HALL gimbal  (Pitch stick)
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Literadio HALL gimbal (Pitch stick)

Literadio nano gimbal with HALL sensors.

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Merkki BetaFPV
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Hall Gimbal

The nano gimbal with hall sensor is released, featuring four precision bearings, adjustable spring tension, and ergonomic stick ends for an unparalleled feel. With an adjustable stick end, it perfectly fits thumbs and improves the stick feel for the control. Hall Effect provides contactless sensing for not only accurate control inputs and precise centering but also durable use.

Note: Please upgrade your Literadio 3/2 SE to the latest version before replacing it. For the Litereadio 2 SE without BETAFPV configurator supported sticker (old version Literadio 2 SE) and Literadio 2, upgrading the newest firmware is unavailable, which is not compatible with the hall gimbal and only supports the potentiometer gimbal.

Firmware: https://github.com/BETAFPV/LiteRadio_PLUS/releases

BETAFPV Configurator: https://github.com/BETAFPV/BETAFPV_Configurator/releases

Potentiometer or Hall Gimbal

The main difference between the two gimbals is the sensor. The potentiometer gimbal contains several electronic components that increase or decrease the level of resistance when moving. Compared with potentiometer gimbals, hall gimbals use a magnetic system, which has no wear from physical contact.

  Potentiometer Gimbal Hall Gimbal
Sensor Potentiometer Hall Effect
Stick ends Adjustable Adjustable
Spring tension Not adjustable Adjustable
Size 35mm*42mm 35mm*42mm
Supported TX Literadio 3/2 SE Literadio 3/2 SE

Wiring Diagram

Below is the connection diagram for the potentiometer gimbal. Here is the example on Literadio 2 SE (mode 2).

Below is the connection diagram for the hall gimbal. Here is the example on Literadio 3 (mode 2).

Below is the spring tension adjustment for the hall gimbal. The back cover should be disassembled before adjusting spring tension. Here is the example on Literadio 3 (mode 2).

Parts of the battery bay should be cut if the LiteRadio 2 SE is an old version. The cutting parts depend on where the throttle gimbal is installed. For the new version of LiteRadio 2 SE, it can be replaced the gimbal normally.

Note: The parts of the battery bay should be cut too if you are ready to replace gimbals for LiteRadio 2. Please refer to the old version of LiterRadio 2 SE about the cutting parts.