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Katana EPO ARF, red

TechOne:en uuden Super-E sarjan Katana. Kevyt ja kestävä EPO ja hiilikuiturakenne, rajumpaankin 3D pyöritykseen.
Fuselage Length: 1070mm (42.1in.)
Wingspan: 1000mm (39.4in.)
Flying Weight: 570-620g (with battery)

Malli TO-KatanaEPOARFr
Merkki TechOne
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Hinta:   €  63,71
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Product Specifications

Fuselage Length: 1070mm (42.1in.)

Wingspan: 1000mm (39.4in.) 

Flying Weight: 570-620g (with battery) 

Motor: AS2216 KV1250 (not included) DualSky ECO 2308C 1180KV 240 W

ESC: 30Amp (not included)  DualSky 22 A Lite ESC

Propeller: 1047 SF prop 10x6 potkuri, Direct Drive

Servos: 8-10g micro servo*4pcs (not included) 08g microservo, ES08A II

Radio:4/more channel (not included)

Battery:  11.1v 3S 1000mAh-1300mAh Li-po 20C (not included) 1000mAh, 3S1P, 11.1V, 25C/4C


Katana is an aerobatic plane for outdoor flying. The design concept is originated from our Venus, i.e.: light weight, structural simplicity, easy to build etc… We make its wingspan at 1000mm and with approx. 600g flying weight, all of these are the basic requirements of this plane for outdoor flying. The technic of embedded carbon tubes inside fuselage and wing not only makes the plane decent and in smooth surface, but also ensure the intensity of the plane.  Most of the parts are pre-assembled in our factory.

1.  The main landing gear uses 2.5mm steel wire as support, it’s not easy to be damaged in case of hard landing.

2. Same as our Venus, the ESC and receiver are put into the equipment cabin. Considering that the battery will be replaced often, we put the battery in the position between the wing and fuselage, so it’s convenient for replacing battery.

3. The structural design of the wing and fuselage is similar to Venus EPO, to lighten the weight on the basis of ensuring its intensity.

4. In order to fly under windy weather, we use carbon strips and carbon rods to reinforce entire plane’s intensity and a carbon fiber hub is applied to combine those carbons, so you don’t need to worry about Katana’s intensity in case of violent flight needs.

5. Two colors are available for better choice.