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Learn Robotics!

UBtech Robots and robot kits make the learning of Robotics easy!

You can teach your robot new tricks just by moving it's parts and the softaware will record then movents as a macro. You can make your own macros and learn the programming and building in easy steps with the interactive manuals. Share your creations in the Ubtech comminity or download others creations to learn new tricks.

UBTech robots are used in STEM teaching in Schools.

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Voyager 4, Flying Telescope 4G /2,4Ghz

Monitor upto 12 Voyager 4 around the world.

4G / 5,8Ghz HD videolink and powerful 18X optical Zoom.

Capture 4K video even from far away objects

For professionals, army and police.

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Industrial drones

Heavy drones for many different industries.

We train you to use these and service the drones.

Also 4G/5G server based control and software to automate data collection and AI

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