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Hitec Flash 7 2,4Ghz AFHSS, Minima 6E vastaanottimella

7 kanavainen 2,4Ghz lähetin ja pieni Minima 6 kanavainen vastaanotin, joka sopii mainoisti myös pienille koneille tai koneille, joissa paino on kriittinen. Luotettava Hitec:in AFHSS  radiolinkki ja telemetria. Lennokki, helikopteri ja liidokki ohjelmat ja vapaasti valittavat kytkimet eri toiminnoille. 3-asentoinen kytkin mm. lentotiloille ja 2 x 2 asentoista ja 1x palautuva kytkin.

Malli Hitec_Flash7minima6E
Merkki Hitec
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Hinta:   €  161,21
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Our Flash 7 is the latest in our line of aircraft computer radios for beginners and experts alike. With advanced built-in AFHSS / SLT flexibility, impressive 4096 resolution and ultra-low latency, this affordable, feature-packed transmitter brings ease and reliability to all pilots. The Flash 7 allows you to store up to 20 models and has full telemetry capability to help you keep your finger on the pulse of all your models. Choose from three versions -- each including a bulletproof HITEC receiver. Get flying fast with the Flash!


  • Built-in AFHSS / SLT Flexibility
  • 4096 Resolution
  • Ultra-low Latency (7ms Frame Rate with Maxima RXs)
  • 20 Model Memory
  • 8 Character Model Naming
  • Acro / Glider / Helicopter Programming
  • Push Button and Jog Dial Programming Interface
  • Telemetry Capabilities
  • SLT (Secure Link Technology) allows pilot to fly many Tx-Ready models on the market
  • Minima 6E 6-channel receiver has end pin servo connection ideal for small aircraft where space is a consideration
  • 3 position (1ea) 2 position (4ea) and 1 push button for maximum control
  • Dynamically assignable switches knobs and sticks
  • Backlit graphical LED screen
  • DCS port (Battery Voltage Power Out) powers optional accessories such as VR goggles or head tracking units
  • Compatible with Hitec Optima and Minima receivers
  • Two year limited warranty through Hitec beginning at date of purchase


Flash 7 Optima 7-Channel Transmitter
Minima 6E 6-Channel Receiver
On/Off Switch
Instruction Manual on Disc