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GeeBee EPP

EPP ja hiilikuiturakenne. Paino 280-350g. Sopii ulko- ja sisälennätykseen. Ohut profiilinen EPP siipi.
Malli EPPGeeBee
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EPP ja hiilikuiturakenne. Paino 340-450g. Sopii ulko- ja sisälennätykseen. Umpinainen EPP siipi ohuella profiililla. Nopeampi, kuin SU-31 ja YAK54, vaatii ison hallin lennätykseen.

EPP GeeBee is made of the highest quality EPP foam. It is considerably lighter and more resistant to tearing than other EPP foams. You will feel the difference. This  design is highly refined. It utilizes CARBON tape where testing has shown it is needed; Flat carbon fiber in the ailerons, horizontal stabilizer, elevator, and rudder; And a clear tape-sheeted fuselage crossmember.

The EPP GeeBee is designed to fly beautifully. It is stable in forward flight, and doesn't all-too-readily fall into steep alpha flight like most flat foam airplanes. Extreme fuselage side and rudder area make the GeeBee very comfortable in knife edge.

Motor, remote controller, battery, charger are not included in this kit

EPP 3D GeeBee:
Wingspan: 868 mm
Overall length: 885 mm
Flying weight: 340 - 450g