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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 26 October, 2015.

Walkera Voyager 3, FPV, F12E & Ground station, DualGPS, for GoPr

 Walkera Voyager 3 with GPS and GLONASS dual navigation for use with GoPro 3 or 4 series. Retractable camera gimbal and landing gears, for full 360 camara rotation.  New flight controller with dual GPS support + status display for sensors and modular design for easier upgrades.

Model WK_Voyager3_RTF
Manufacturer Walkera
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Price:   €  1.450,81
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GPS ja GLONASS dual navigation, 360 astetta kääntyvä gimbaali GoPro 3 ja 4 kameroille. Nousevat laskutelineet ja laskeva kamerateline, sopii GoPro 3 ja 4 kameroille. F12E radiolaitteella yksi käyttäjä voi ohjata sekä kameraa, että kopteria irroittamatta katsetta kopterista. Tukee myös kahdella F12E radiolaitteella ohjausta, jolloin toinen ohjaa kameraa ja toinen kopteria.

Walkera Voyage 3 Features

  • GPS and GLONASS dual navigation system
  • Integrated image transmission system of 3 axis stabilised for the GoPro Hero 4k camera (camera not included)
  • Follow me and waypoint flight modes
  • Fight time of 20-25min
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Camera lowers in flight to provide true 360° Uninterrupted Video and Photography.


The Walkera Voyager 3 for the GoPro Hero 4 4k is the ideal all in one drone system for aerial photography and videography that is stabilised along 3 axis to ensure rock steady HD video and stills.  The drone itself features a high performance and modular autopilot system (part of the Walkera Dronecode foundation) which runs a customized version of the well know Arducopter Drone Firmware.  The Walkera Voyager 3 is designed to be easy to fly and includes many user-friendly features, such as: automatic take-off and landing, fully autonomous missions - simply watch the Voyager 3 drone fly on its own.  Other unique features include the ability to circle around or orbit an a person or point to capture dramatic 360-degree views.  The dual navigation system is what sets the Walkera Voyager 3 apart from other drones - with the ability to pick up both GPS, and GLONASS navigation signals ensures the positioning reliability of your system so that your Voyager 3 will always know where it is and can return back home to you.

Tekniset tiedot:

  • Roottoreiden halkaisija: 346mm
  • Koko (L x W x H) 473 x 463 x 300mm
  • Paino 3650g (Sisältäen akun)
  • Lähetin DEVO F12E (black version)
  • Vastaanotin FCS-RX702(CE)
  • Harjattomat moottorit: WK-WS-42-002
  • Akku: 29.6V 6000mAh 10C(8S) LiPo 3000mAhx2