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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 22 June, 2015.

Walkera QR X350 Premium FPV, F12E, GCS, FPV camera with OSD

QR-X350 Premium Ready to Fly FPV (RTF2) package, with Devo F12E FPV 2,4Ghz radio with 5,8Ghz videolink, Onboard FullHD FPV camera with OSD and 5,8Ghz video TX, 29.6V 8s 3000mAh LiPo battery, CGS (Ground station) and 100W 220V balance charger.  With waypoint flying, follow me, return to home, circle target, auto take-off and landing. Live video to TX and Tablet. DualGPS (GPS/GLONASS). Can be flown both by tablet (or smart phone) and radio.

Model QR-X350-Premium-RTF4
Manufacturer Walkera
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Price:   €  1.169,35
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Walkera QR X350 PREMIUM is Walkera's latest multicopter family with the new Flight Controller. It supports DualGPS (GPS and Glonass) and offers faster and more precise GPS lock. For greater safety there is a sensor panel that will display status of all the sensors. Now you can see that all sensors are working before take-off.  GCS (Ground station) versions offer waypoint flying, follow me and flying the copter with a tablet or smart phone. Both radio and tablet can be used to control the heli and can be used to teach new pilots to control and use automatic functions. F12E radio is the master controller and with flick of a switch you can give or take control to the tablet.  Also good for two pilot function where the other pilot will control the flight route and other controls the camera.

QR X350 Premium is a very powerful quadrocopter in a small frame. It has high voltage 8s (29,6V) 3000mAh battery for a lot of power and long flight times (upto 25 mins). It has more power than many 500 class multicopters and can operate on windy weather and carry big payloads. Highter voltage means higher effiency, motors are cool even after a long flight with a camera and a gimbal. It can even be upgraded to 8 motor configuration for even bigger payloads!.  Due to it's small frame it's easy to take with you. It's comes with small landing gears and optional FPV camera with OSD (On Screen Display) for fast paced FPV flying. Fish eye lens gives you good view of area in front and below and allows you to land and see all obstacles around the multicopter.  OSD allows you to see on all critical info like battery and receiver voltage, speed, heading, GPS coordinates, height and home direction. You won't get lost in the sky!. With longer landing gears you can have a gimbal and stabilized and controlled camera with you for aerial photography.  The FPV camera can also record FullHD video.

This is a RTF2 version and it comes with the following items:

  • Walkera QR X350 Premium multicopter Ready To Fly
  • 8s 29,6V 3000mAh High Voltage LiPo battery
  • Devo F12E full range 2,4 Ghz transmitter (suitable for all models, ie. helicopters, airplanes) with telemetry, 5,8Ghz video receiver and big color display for settings and real time video. New version with brighter screen.
  • 100W 2-8s charger with built-in transformer (220V)
  • Onboard FPV FullHD camera with OSD (On Screen Display), with built-in 5,8Ghz video transmitter, can be controlled by Devo F12E
  • Ground Station, 2,4Ghz TX and bluetooth link for tablet or smart phone
  • Short and long landing gears
  • manuals (printed quick manual and full manuals on CD)


8 x AA batteries or 2s or 3s 2700mAh LiPo battery for TX


G3D gimbal and iLook+ (or GoPro) camera.