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    Pamkuu kung-fu robot
    Pamkuu kung-fu robot
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    Robot app control and damage display
    Robot app control and damage display
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    Robot wars with Pamkuu
    Robot wars with Pamkuu
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    Pamkuu metal skeleton
    Pamkuu metal skeleton
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    Pamkuu red box contents
    Pamkuu red box contents
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    Pamkuu black box contents
    Pamkuu black box contents
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 October, 2017.

Walkera Pamkuu battle robot, red

Let the robot battle begin!. Pamkuu battele robot comes with pre-programmed battle moves and can be controlled in real time by tablet / smartphone (iOS or Android). Teach and program your own killer moves. Easy to learn, hard to master. Control 9 different joints and 4 wheels and shoot. Strong metal frame and long play time with 1500mAh LiPo battery. Just download the app and the Pamkuu ready to fight out of the box.

Model WK-pamkuu-red
Manufacturer Walkera
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Price:   $  309.68
VAT excl.
$  187.31
VAT excl.

Pamkuu Battle Robot Features:


-4 wheels, free movement and 360° turning, with speed 1.2m/s, full range of steering and forward.

-9 powerful steering engines in 9 joints (shoulders, arms, elbows, hands and waist) , make human-like movements.

APP Control

- iOS / Android, one can download the “Pamkuu GO” App easily  from apple store, google play or on the Pamkuu website.

-The game interface is very friendly,  like mobile games,  use the left side circle to control the  robot movement direction, and use the right side to release different skills.

Skill DIY

- The angle of the shoulders, arms, elbows,  hands and waist can be adjusted.

- Each skill  can combine 50 moves, and set speed by yourself.

- You can name your skills and set the logo.

Metal Skeleton

-More strong, more powerful

-Aluminum structure, PC + ABS housing

Preset Skills 

-20+ preset powerful skills. Easy to learn, hard to master the DIY programming

Weapon System 

- Hot weapons: Guns, with infrared emission in the distance

- Cold weapons: Swords, with strikes

- More and more cool weapons are coming

- Two guns and two swords included


Score System

- Score system related to Damage sensor

- When the HP is zero, the robot “dead” until it restarts in 6 seconds. More fun.


Damage Sensor

- Damage sensor on the chest, sense strikes from gun and sword

- Damage sensor on the back, sense strikes from sword only

- IR sensors in head.


Package Includes:

1x Walkera Pamkuu Kungfu Battle Robot

1x Battery 

1x Charger

2x Sword / Gun 1x Micro-USB cable

1x Manual



  • Size: 254 x 254 x 228mm
  • Weight:(exl. weapon)About 1660g
  • Degree of freedom: 9 joints, angles can be adjusted from 130°~155° (based on different joints),and chassis subject to omnidirectional control at 12 dimensions.
  • Fastest forward speed: 1.2m/s
  • DC power supply: 7.4V 1500mAh Li-Po battery
  • Control Mode: APP control
  • APP system: IOS / Android
  • App control distance: Outdoor: 40m; Indoor: 25m
  • Light Effect: Eyes subject to dual-color LED, chest scoring sensor subject to LED light
  • Protection design: Battery overcharging protection, high temperature protection,joint locked-rotor current protection mechanism, voltage detection.
  • Internal Sensor: Approach & collision sensor / infrared pulse sensor
  • Connection mode: High-speed WiFi connection
  • Charger: 8.4V==1A
  • Working time: 40 mins