Thermal camera with gimbal
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Thermal camera with gimbal

Thermal Infrared 640*480 camera for Voyager 4/5, Zhun, AG15, QL1200 and QL1500 models.

Model WK-Thermal-640
Manufacturer Walkera
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Price:   €  7.653,23
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Due to the strong penetration ability, thermal infrared camera is able to detect objects, measure temperature from the distance, and identify hidden targets, and it provides 24 hour vision. Based on image and temperature algorithm, the camera enables you to identify targets in bad weather conditions


  • Model: HTN120
  • Pixel: 640×480
  • Pixel pitch: 17?m
  • Type: Uncooled FPA(ASI)
  • Spectral Range: 8?14?m
  • NETD: <65mk@30?


  • Calibration: NBT digital calibration
  • Noise reduction: Digital filtering
  • Electric zoom: X2, X4, X8/ Smooth Zoom
  • Polarity reversal: Available
  • Image flip: Horizontal,Vertical, 180° Flip
  • Frame rate: 50Hz


  • Video output: 1 port CVBS 50Hz?PAL?/ 60Hz?NTSC?
  • Digital video: 1 port HDMI(micro)
  • Palette: 12
  • Gain/Brightness adjustment: Auto / Manual


  • Serial port: 1 port 3.3VTTL, 4 port PWM control.
  • Network: 100M Ethernet
  • Keyboard: Yes
  • Storage: TF card Slot for storage


  • Operating voltage: DC 5~12V
  • Power consumption: <2.8W(9V)


  • Operating temperature: -40C~+60C
  • Storage temperature: -50C~+85C
  • Humidity: <95% (Non condensing)

Physical Characteristic:

  • Dimension: 32mm x 32mm x41mm(W x H x L)?without housing, without lens?
  • Weight: <40g (without lens)

Extended feature:

  • Temp Measurement: Multiple point temperature measurement: Max, Min, Centre, average;
  • Over-temperature alarming. (-20C~+200C)
  • Accuracy: ±2C/2%