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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 January, 2018.

TC.5A.40E ECO V2 kv510, 6s, 65A lite ESC

Includes ECO 3520C V2 kv 510 motor and 65A Lite ESC

Power class: .50-1.00 class 2-4kg, 600-1200W
Suggested Voltage: 6 - 8s LiPo
Model TC.5A.40E-ECOv2
Manufacturer DualSky
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Price:   $  77.65
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XM4250CA-10 Motor Specification:
KV: 510RPM/V
Stator Diameter: 35
Magnet length: 20
Shaft diameter: 5
Mounting holes pitch: 25/25
Weight: 200g
Resistance (Ri): 42mOhm
Idle Current (Io) @10V : 1.50A
No.of Cells (LiPo): 6
Max. Efficiency Current: 40A
Max. Burst Current (15s): 65A
Max. Power (15s): 900W
Input Connectors: DB4
Recommended ESC: XC6018BA
Prop. Range: 14x7...15x6
App. Class: XP22003SL x 2, For Competiton

XC6018BA ESC Specification:
Dimensions: 75x 30x 14mm(L x W x D)
Weight: 63g
Number of Cell: NiXX 6-18, 7.2-21.6V
LiPo 2-6, 7.4-22.2V
Resistance(Ri)(Ohm): 0.0022
Max Cont. Current & Max Cont.Output: 60A, 1260W
Max Burst Current & Max Burst Output: 80A, 1632W
BEC / Dissipative Power: 5.5V/3A (Swiching)
Programmable: Throttle + ProgCARD V2
Input Wires: 120mm, 14AWG, DC3
Output Wires: 75mm, 14AWG, DB4
Signal Wire: 300MM JR