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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 18 May, 2018.

6 LED Airplane / Heli RC controlled navigation lights

7 pcs Six Axis And Multi-AxisAircraft Navigation Light

Model 6LED-multiaxis
Manufacturer G.T Power
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Price:   €  28,23
VAT excl.

Standard Equipment:

  1. Flashing and Driver module 1pcs
  2. Red high power LED 2pcs
  3. White high power LED 2pcs
  4. Green high power LED 1pcs
  5. Blue high power LED 1pcs

Power Supply Mode:

  1. Get the power from the chanel of Receiver
  2. Input Voltage of LED: 9V-12.6V

Cable Length:

  1. 60cm standard for each LED
  2. 30cm for control cable

Control Mode:

  1. Insert to the Switch chanel and Cycle control.
  2. 7 modes such as Turn-off/ Flashing/ Slow Flashing / Constant Light/ etc