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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 06 April, 2017.

G.T.Power A3 PRO AC LiPo,LiFe, NiMh and Ni-Cd Charger

LiPo, LiFe and NiMh AC mini fast charger. Balancing charge for LiPo and LiFe batteries  Normal charge for NiMh batteries.  100-240V. JST-XH (DualSky/Align) connectors + Tamiya normal and mini. 2.0 or 0,7A charging current (user selectable).

Model GTPower_A3-Pro
Manufacturer G.T Power
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Price:   €  15,32
VAT excl.

JST-XH (DualSky/Align) connectors for LiPo/LiFe,  Tamiya standard and mini for NiMh.

  • Input voltage: AC 100V-240V
  • Charging current: 2,0 or 0,7A (user selectable)
  • Output power: 16W
  • Display: LiPo, LiFe or NiMh charging
  • 3 modes for LiPo / LiFe and NiMh batteries
  • 2 - 3s LiPo/LiFe or 4-8s NiMh
  • LED status: Constant = Stand by or battery full, Charge = Flash, Error = Quick Flash
  • To choose 0,7A or 2,0A charge: Press LiPo button for 2s and when green and yellow are lit the current is 0,7A, press longer and the RED will lit too, then the current is 2,0A (default).
  • EU plug