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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 16 November, 2018.

Flysky FS-CVT01 Voltage Module For iA6B iA10 Receiver

Voltage telemetry module for FlySky receivers. Can measure voltage to upto 100V.  Upto 16 modules can be connected in series. Displays model battery voltage in radio. With connectors that can be connected to battery balance port

Model FS-CVT01
Manufacturer FlySky
Currently on stock: 0
Price:   €  6,45
VAT excl.

Brand Name: Flysky
Item Name: FS-CVT01
Voltage range: -100 ~ 100V DC
Accuracy: 0.1V DC
Input Power: 9mA (TYPE)
Number of series: 15 (MAX)
Weight: 6.0 g
Input Power: 4.0-6.5V DC
Dimensions: 31 * 15 * 8.5 mm
Color: Black
Reverse connect protection: Yes (reverse will show a negative value)
Suitable models: car / boat / aircraft
Suitable receivers: iA6B (directly), iA10 (need to use conversion line, within the module package contains C header)

Package Included:
1x Flysky FS-CVT01 voltage collection module