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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 04 November, 2015.

FlySky 2,4 Ghz 6 ch full range receiver, AFHDS2A

Full range 6ch 2,4 RX. Requires new ADHDS2A module/TX (i6 or i10). Telemetry and better range. Weight just 6,7g. Integrated voltage measurement.

Model FS-iA6
Manufacturer FlySky
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Price:   €  14,11
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FlySky FS-iA6 2.4GHz 6-Channel Receiver for new AFHDS2A Transmitters (i6 & i10). Not compatible with the old AFHDS systems.

Support for telemetry modules. Better range.


 Channels:     Six (6) Channels  
 Modulation Type:    2.4GHz AFHDS2A
 Power:  4.5v - 6.6v/<30mA 
 Dimensions:  1.59" x 0.83" x 0.29" (40.4 x 21.1 x 7.35mm)
 Weight:  0.23 oz (6.52g)
 Certificate:  CE, FCC. RoHS


Instructions for Binding the FS-iA6 Receiver to the FlySky FS-i6 Transmitter:


1. Plug bind plug into the BAT port, apply power to the receiver via your ESC connection or an external receiver battery plugged into any available port; the LED light on the receiver should flash.

2. Hold down bind button on transmitter module while turning on the transmitter.

3. The LED light on the receiver should stop flashing and shine steadily. 

4. Let go of the bind button, remove power from the receiver, remove the bind plug, then turn off the transmitter.

5. Turn on the transmitter first, then apply power the the receiver.  The red LED light on the receiver will shine steadily and all controls will respond to transmitter stick input.