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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 23 September, 2014.

Fluid (coating edition) COMPETITION F3P

Pituus: 850 mm
Kärkiväli: 780mm
Paino: 130-150g
DualSky:n uusi F3P sisälennokki, joka on kokeneiden F3P ja F3A kilpailijoiden suunnittelema. Depron ja hiilikuiturakenne, ilmajarrut, kylkilentoa parantavat ilmanohjaimet. Sopii niin F3P kuin 3D model

Model DS-Fluid_CE
Manufacturer DualSky
Currently on stock: 0
Price:   €  48,31
VAT excl.

Fluid- F3P Competition Airplane, designed by Andrea Giavarini and DualSky. German hollow carved depron and UV printed film.

Wingspan: 855 mm
Length: 920mm
Weight: 115 g
Radio : 4-5 channel (not included)


Suggested electronics:
DualSky XM2812CA-27 45/80 W  ja 6A ESC DualSky 06A micro ESC
DualSky XM2812RTR-27H 70 W

Propellor 8x4 APC Slow fly PROP 8x3.8  Battery: 300 mAh 25C 2s1p 7,4 v - 450 mAh 25C 2s1p 7,4 v

DualSky XM2812CA-33 55/80 W ja 6A  ESC: DualSky 06A micro ESC
DualSky XM2812RTR-33H 70 W

APC Slow fly PROP 7x4  battery: 250 mAh 16C 3s1p 11,1 v - 300 mAh 25C 3s1p 11,1 v

3 x 4 - 8g 4,4g ultra microservo  or  5g microservo, kuulalaakeroitu