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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 06 January, 2010.

Extra 330 SC Pro indoor ARF

Pituus: 855 mm
Kärkiväli: 800mm
Paino: 130-150g
DualSky:n new high performance indoor competition plane.
Model DS-Extra330A
Manufacturer DualSky
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Price:   $  36.71
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Pituus: 855 mm
Kärkiväli: 800 mm
Siipipinta-ala: 13,02 dm2
Paino: 130-150g

DualSky:n uusi F3P sisälennokki, joka on kokeneiden F3P ja F3A kilpailijoiden suunnittelema. Depron ja hiilikuiturakenne, ilmajarrut, kylkilentoa parantavat ilmanohjaimet. Sopii niin F3P kuin 3D lennokiksi.

Extra 330 SC is an indoor aerobatic 3D airplane made of depron, a rigid yet light weight material. This model is an excellent choice for high performace aerobatics.

DualSky  Pro models are designed by top Aerobatic pilot, and after many flights and a lot of testing, it is ready made for you. This place excels with unmatched flight characteristics and high flying performace. Designed to be combined with award winning DualSky motors.

Stability is a key characteristic built into the plane to allow many different fluent 3D and pattern manouvers.

Suositellut moottorit:
DualSky XM2812CA-27 45/80 W  ja 6A säädin DualSky 06A micro ESC
DualSky XM2812RTR-27H 70 W

Potkuri 8x4 APC Slow fly PROP 8x3.8 akku: 0400 mAh 30C 2s1p 7,4 v, 5C lataus

DualSky XM2812CA-33 55/80 W ja 6A säädin DualSky 06A micro ESC
DualSky XM2812RTR-33H 70 W

APC Slow fly PROP 7x4 akku: 250 mAh 16C 3s1p 11,1 v - 300 mAh 25C 3s1p 11,1 v

3 x 4 - 8g 4,4g ultra microservo tai 5g microservo, kuulalaakeroitu