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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 12 November, 2011.

DualSky XM5050EA-9T 1250W

KV=480RPM, 5-7 lipo, Max eff. current: 48A, Peak current 56 A, Prop range 15*8 (5s) - 14*7 (6s)

Power class: over 4kg, over 1200W
Suggested Voltage: 6 - 8s LiPo
Model XM5050EA-9T
Manufacturer DualSky
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Price:   €  92,74
VAT excl.

Description:  XM5050EA-9 
KV:   480RPM/V
Alias(Stator diameter, Magnet length):  4120 
Weight:  281g
Diameter:  49mm
Length:  48mm
Diameter of Shaft:  6.0mm
Mounting holes pitch:  30/30mm
Slots,Poles:  12,14 
Idle Current(Io) @10V:  1.6A
Resistance(Ri):  25mOhm
Cruising power[8 mins]:  683W
Bursts current[15s]:  56A
Peak power[15s]:  1242W
Recommended ESC:  XC6018BA 
Setup 1(No. of Cell, Prop.):  5S, 15x8 
Setup 2(No. of Cell, Prop.):  6S, 14x7 
Max. weight of sport models:  3.4kg
Max. weight of 3D models:  2.3kg
Memo:  ".55-.65 2-stroke Up to .82 4st"