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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 12 July, 2018.

DualSky XM2838EG-11 312 W

KV=1110 RPM, 2-3 lipo, Peak current 26 A, Prop range 11*7-12x8 (3s) - 14 x 8 (2s)

Power class: .25-.50 class 1000-2000g, 300-600W
Suggested Voltage: 3s LiPo
Model XM2838EG-11
Manufacturer DualSky
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Price:   $  44.24
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1. The motors are designed for Glider, which is based on the new generation of EA motor systems

2. Make it simple, abandoning gearbox structure, adhere to the large torque outrunner direct drive motor.

3. 2838 is Dualsky the largest torque motor of 28mm diameter.

4. Use 4mm high toughness shaft, to avoid the landing bend, the shaft have no circlip groove. 

5. Use oversized imported bearings, durable, impact-resistant.

6. EG/EGL are designed with 4 types of KV, 7 items, covering the glider market below 1700g level.

7. XM2838EG-7 KV1800 is specially designed for China P5B.

8. EG Long Edition is for F5J motor. Integrated motor extension for slender fuselage installation

9. The XM2838EG-14L is a low-RPM, high-torque motor that can drive up to 14x8 folding propeller at 11.1V

10. Recommend to use Dualsky XC4018BA-V2 or XC406ULT ESC, the timing can be set as 15 degrees (medium).