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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 06 June, 2018.

DualSky ECO 2303C 1470KV 96 W

KV=1470RPM, 2-3 lipo, Max eff. current: 5A, Peak current 8 A, Prop range 7*4 - 9*5 , Hollow shaft. Weight 19g

Power class: Indoor/backyard, below 250g, upto 100W
Suggested Voltage: 3s LiPo
Model DS-ECO2303C-1470
Manufacturer DualSky
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Price:   €  14,92
VAT excl.

2-3 lipo
Max eff. current: 5A, Peak current 8 A (15s)
Prop range 2s 9*4.7 , 3s 7x4 , Hollow shaft with propsaver
Weight: 19g

Propeller data 2S LiPo:
APC 9x4.7SF: 48.6W, 6.8A, 321g thrust
PT 10x5E: 57.1W, 8.1A, 343g thrust

Propeller data 3S LiPo:
APC 7x4E: 76.1W, 7.1A, 372g thrust
PT8x2.3i: 76.8W, 7.2A, 429g thrust