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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 July, 2012.

Digital 43g servo, ES3051

Digital 43 g servo with ball bearing. Torque 3.2/4.2kg (4,8 / 6,0 V), speed 0,17/0,14s (4,8 / 6 V)

Size class: Standard
Voltage: 4,8 - 6,0V
Model EM_ES3051
Manufacturer EMAX
Currently on stock: -2
Price:   €  11,30
VAT excl.

Operating Voltage:          4.8~6.0V
Stall  Torque:                   4.8V        6.0V
Operating Speed:           4.8V 0.17 Sec/60° at no load
                                           6.0V 0.14 Sec/60° at no load
Size:                                  38.6X18.8X34.9 mm
Weight:                             37g
Plug   Available :             Futaba & JR

Other:                               Bearing,Digital