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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 03 April, 2014.

Devo 2.4Ghz 10CH Receiver, RX703 (PPM out)

10 Channel 2,4 Ghz receiver for Walkera Devention radios. Weight 10g Size : 41.5 (L) X 27mm (W) X 15mm (H). Compatible with all Devo series radios. Special receiver for QR-X350 PRO, with Ch 1-8 PPM out.

Model DevoRX703A
Manufacturer Walkera
Currently on stock: 2
Price:   €  39,90
24% VAT incl.


Type: 2.4GHz 10 channels. CH 1-6 PPM out, Ch 8-10 normal (aux3. 4 and 5).
Sensitivity: -105dbm
Frequency Interval: ≥ 4M
Weight: 10g
Size : 41.5 (L) X 27mm (W) X 15mm (H).
Receiver voltage: 4.8 - 6.0V


1). Adopts 2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) that features fast response time and strong anti-jamming protection.
2). Double receiving circuits effectively assure the stability of receiving signal.
3). Feature, a Single Chip Micro processor with extremely fast processing power.
4). Simultaneous signal output increases receiving signal reliability.
5). 11 Millisecond and 22 Millisecond Frame Rate selectable.
6). The RECEIVER maintains the frequency and the ID memories when its changing a new battery pack with the transmitter powered on.
7). It can be customized and set as fixed ID and automatically generated ID assignment.