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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 29 March, 2017.

X-Charger Pro Quad 7A 100W AC/DC charger (400W)

Charge Current: 0.1-7.0A
Cell Count LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/Li-ION: 1-6 Series
Cell Count NiMH/NiCD: 1-15 Cell
Pb Voltage: 2-20V
Four dedicated 100W output channels
USB Output: 2 x 5V 2.3A USB 2.0
AC/DC, 220V or 12V use.

Model GTpowerX4-400W
Manufacturer G.T Power
Currently on stock: 1
Price:   £ 156.89
VAT excl.

G.T Power Quad X4 7A 4 x 100W AC/DC charger (400W)

Product Description

Featuring a monolithic vertical stance, this charger saves valuable bench space by providing four complete charging circuits, each with its own dedicated 100W integrated power supply in a footprint similar to most single output chargers.

Having four dedicated power supplies in one compact package means all four channels are able to receive 100W of power, ensuring you are not diluting your amp rate when charging two, three, or four packs simultaneously. Discreetly located on the back of the charger are two powerful USB 2.3 Amp charging ports to conveniently power your USB devices.

Menu navigation is made easy with a five-button control interface and brightly backlit LCD screen. All the most common battery chemistries are supported including: LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCD, and Pb (lead acid) with a complete assortment of charge leads included in the box along with extra long balance leads to make safe charging in a LiPo sack effortless.