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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 11 April, 2017.

X-Charger 4in1, 4 x 60W charger (240W)

NEW model with internal resistance testing for LiXX batteries. With 2 displays.
Input voltage: 11-18VDC
Charge power: max. 60W x 4
Discharge power: max. 5W
Charge current range: 0.1-6.0A
Discharge current range: 0.1-1.0A

Model GTpower4in1-B
Manufacturer G.T Power
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Price:   €  100,81
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G.T Power 4 in 1

High-power and high-performance circuit

It features four totally independent power outputs. Each can charge up to 60 watts, total power output is 240 watts.
The X-Drive 6 can charge or discharge up to 4 x 15 cells of NiCd/NiMH or 4 x 6S Lithium batteries. Each output can charge up to 6A (depending upon cells/watts).

Individual (4) balancers are built in for use with Lithium batteries.
The Lithium cells are also balanced when discharging.
If the voltage of any one cell is outside of specificatio, the charging/discharging will be stopped for safety reasons with the error message.
Accept various types of Lithium battery.
Lithium battery 'Fast' and 'Storage' mode
'Fast' charge reduces the charging time of Lithium battery and 'Storage' mode controls the final voltage of the battery to be suit for long time storage.

Maximum safety for NiCd/NiMh cells

The automatic charging program works on the principle of the Delta-peak voltage detection for NiCd/NiMH cells.
Auto-charge current limit: When charging NiCd or NiMH at 'AUTO' current mode, you can set the upper limit of change current to avoid from high current charging. This is very useful when charging the low impedance and small capacity NiMH battery in 'AUTO' mode.
Capacity limit: The changing capacity is calculated by multiple of the charging
current and time. If the charging capacity exceeds the limit the b attery the charging will be stopped when it reaches the previously user set value.
Temperature limit: The temperature of the battery on charging will rise by its internal chemical reaction.
If you set the limit of temperature the charging will stop when this user set limit is reached.
Processing time limit: you can also set the maximum charging/discharging.
Input power monitor: To protect the car battery you are using to power the charger.
Automatic cooling fan: The cooling fan operates automatically when the internal temperature of the charger is raised.

Data store/load

For users convenience it can store maximum 5 data of different batteries. You can
establish the data contains program setting of the battery to charge or discharge continually. These data can be called out at any time you need and the process can be executed without program setting.

Cyclic charging/discharging

Perform 1 to 5 cycles of charge/discharge or discharge/charge continually for battery refreshing and balancing. Not recomended for Lithium cells.


  • Capacity Limit
  • Maximum safety
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Input power monitoring
  • Easy to program buttons
  • 5 battery memory
  • Individual cell monitoring
  • 2-Line Back lit LCD display
  • Built in Balancer to 6S packs
  • Cycle charging/discharging
  • Includes "FAST" & "STORAGE" Li-xx programs

Product Details

  • Output 240W. 60W per Output
  • Discharge 20W. 5W per Output
  • Balancing current 300mAh/cell
  • Operating input voltage : 11 - 18V DC
  • Ni-Cad / Ni-MH : 1 - 15 Cells per Output
  • Li-Ion / Li-Po / Li-Fe : 1 - 6 Cells per Output
  • Charge current : 0.1 - 6.0A per Output
  • Discharging current: 0.1 - 1.0A per Output
  • PB / Lead Acid : 2 - 20V
  • 4x Built in Cell Ballancer : Up to 6S (series) Li-Po (JST-XH connectors)
  • No. of Cycles : Up to 5 Cycles
  • Weight : 995g
  • Dimensions : 230mm x 158mm x 60mm


1 x Charger
2 x Crocodile Clips to connect to car battery
2 x JST-XH balance boards.
1 x Tamiya charge lead
1 x JST/BEC charge lead
1 x Futaba Rx charge lead
1 x Crocodile charge lead
1 x Bare end 18AWG charge lead connector cable
1 x Manual