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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 April, 2012.

Castle Creations Phoenix 35

Use the Phoenix-35 when you need more power from your medium sized motors, or are looking for the best brushless controller for your heli. From 3-4 pound sport flyers to helicopters, the Phoenix-35 has the capability and smooth reliability you need. The Phoenix-35 gives you the flexibility you've come to expect from Castle Creations controllers. With a total of 7 user-programmable features this speed control has it all!

Connector: No connector
Model CC-phoenix35A
Manufacturer Castle Creations
Currently on stock: 1
Price:   €  76,61
VAT excl.
€  38,31
VAT excl.

Volts w/BEC 12.6 max
Volts NO BEC 19.2 max
Lipo Cells w/BEC 3S max
Lipo Cells NO BEC 5S max
NiCad or NiMh Cells w/BEC 12 max
NiCad or NiMh Cells NO BEC 16 max
Continuous 35 amps
Switching Rate Programmable
(12, 16, or 24 khz)
Resistance 0.0045 ohms
Brake Yes
Reversible Yes - change any two wires
Low Voltage
Cut-off Programmable
Size 0.95 x 1.72 x 0.4"
(w/wires) 0.9 oz (24.5g)
Connector Type Universal