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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 28 April, 2014.

BEAM 450 E4 SE - Kit incl. blades

New BEAM E4 FBL Superior Edition. Kit, without electronics.

Model BeamE4SE_KIT
Manufacturer Beam
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Price:   €  209,68
VAT excl.

This is the Beam E4 Advance SE 450 Flybarless Helicopter KIT. A slop free CNC rotor head and control system, combined with a unique upright rubber tail servo mount system provides precise control that rivals any 450 size machine on the market. A simple frame design provides full support with two vertically stacked pieces of carbon fiber, high quality aluminum blocks, cross members and boom mounts, as well as carbon fiber trays. Additionally, the SE includes a redesigned tail housing, the ability to choose either a standard flybarless head or a DFC type head, and a fully serviceable swash plate, making the E4 Advance SE a true contender in the 450 class market.

Beam 450se Features:


  • Choice between Flybarless Normal (Standard) and DFC types-depending on ones invidual flying style(contains both FBL Normal & DFC Head set)
  • Main shaft for both Standard & DFC Head types.
  • Non breakable Main Grip 3ball bearing + Thrust bearing type vantage.
  • Red Swash Cap addition.


  • Newly designed Tail Housing addition.
  • Metal Tail Control system addition.
  • Now Detachable Shaft + Pulley (instead of inseparable previous shaft+pulley set)
  • Newly designed Boom Brace Mount addition.
  • Boom Brace Connector (much longer than the previous one)


  • Newly designed Frame addition.
  • Metal Tail Servo Mount for Standard/Mini (Savox 1350 type) & Mini size type servos mounting


  • Painted canopy
  • SWE Main carbon Blades


  • Length: 660mm (26")
  • Height: 218mm (8.58")
  • Main Blade Length: 325mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 723mm (28.46")
  • Weight (less power system): 645g (22.75OZ)
  • Main Gear: 150T
  • Main Drive Pulley: 51T