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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 14 July, 2014.

A-10 2 x 55mm brushless fan, Camo Green, PNP

Wingspan: 970mm
Length: 970mm
Radio: 4ch (not included)
3 x 9 gram servos
Twin 55MM Ducted fan
Battery: 1800Mah, 11.1V (not incuded)

Model RI-a10-camoY
Manufacturer Riccs
Currently on stock: 0
Price:   €  141,13
VAT excl.

Highlight Features:

  • Quality EPO Material, scale war bird aircraft.
  • Ready to fly with installed servo and speed controller.
  • 4 channel transmitter with ailerons, stabilizer, rudder
  • And motor control.
  • Easy to fly with strong power, short distance take off.
  • Flexible to fly with perfect inverted flight, rolls, loop.
  • Controllable front landing gear.


  • Material: EPO
  • Servo:3pcs*9g
  • EDF:2*50mm
  • Motor: 2627 brushless motor KV3900
  • Length: 970mm
  • ESC: 20A *2pcs Brushless
  • Wingspan: 970mm
  • Battery: 11.1V-1800mAh-20C Li-Polymer Battery
  • Take-off weightt: 620g