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EMAX HAWK 5 - 5 inch 210mm FPV Racing Drone - BNF

F4 OSD BLHeli_S 30A FrSky XM+ RX Foxeer Arrow Micro V2 600TVL BNF, paritettavissa FrSky lähettimen kanssa. EMAX RSII 2206 Race Spec - Brushless Motor (4-6S), F4 Magnum V2 All In One FPV Stack Tower System Including F4 Flight Controller 4 In 1 BLHeli-S Bullet 30A ESC, VTX, FrSky XM+ Receiver And Antenna. Avan Flow propeller 5x4.3x3 FPV Racing Propeller.

Malli EMAX-Hawk-5-BNF
Merkki EMAX
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Brand name: Emax

Item name: HAWK 5 FPV Racing RC Drone
Flight controller: EMAX  Magnum F4 built in Betaflight OSD

Brushless motor: EMAX LS2206 2300kv motors
Brushless ESC: EMAX  Bullet 30A 4 in 1 BLHeli_S DSHOT600 

Receiver: Frsky XM+ 16ch Sbus Micro
VTX: 48 Channel 5.8ghz 25/200mw switchable power VTX board
Camera: Foxeer Arrow Micro V2 600TVL CCD camera
Propeller: Avan Flow 5x4.3x3 3-blade 5 inch
Battery: no (recommend 70-100C 1300-1500mah 4S)


Clean build using the proven Magnum F4 Tower System

Stackable Omnibus F4 flight controller

30A 4 IN 1 BLHeli_S DSHOT600 ESC

Frsky XM+ receiver

25/200mw 48ch 5.8ghz VTX

Vibration dampening suspension system

Built-in OSD with realtime readouts from battery voltage, flight time, to receiver signal strength

Foxeer Arrow Micro v2 600TVL CCD camera with a sharp wide angle 150 degree lens

Lightweight Dipole Whip or Circular Polarized RHCP/LHCP Pagoda II antenna included

Powerful EMAX LS2206 2300kv motors

Avan Flow 5 inch propeller designed for control and efficiency

Aerospace grade carbon fiber frame with optimized lowdrag and exchangeable arms

With Reinforced top plate braces

270 grams with props

BNF versiossa tulee kaikki muu mukana paitsi lähetin ja akku. Lentovalmis, kun paritat sen FrSky:n lähettimen kanssa.

Package includes:
1 x HAWK 5 FPV Racing RC Drone