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120 A Continous, 150 A burst (10 s), 3-10s LiPo, paino 180g

Malli EM_120A_HV_ESC
Merkki EMAX
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120 A Continous, 150 A burst (10 s), High Voltage 3-10s. 12V uloslähtö erilliselle jäähdytyspuhaltimelle (jos säädin tilassa, missä ilmankierto on huono, esim. veneet tms.)

Ohjelmoitava lähettimellä ja EMAX:in ohjelmointikortilla.

EMAX 120A HIGH VOLTAGE Brushless Speed Controller. The EMAX series is a top-class product for aircraft and helicopter.

Typical Applications: F3A 2m Aircraft; Large scale aircraft; 600-class helicopter (using 8S or 10S Li-Po); 700-class helicopter (using 10S or 12S Li-Po).


  • Output: Continuous 120A, burst 150A, for up to 10 seconds
  • Input Voltage: 3S to 12S Li-Po
  • BEC: None
  • Control Signal Transmission: Optically coupled system
  • Max Speed: 210,000rpm for 2-pole brushless motor, 70,000rpm for 6-pole brushless motor, 35,000rpm for 12-pole brushless motor
  • Size:  96mm (L) * 55mm (W) * 21mm (H)
  • Weight: 180g


  • High performance microprocessor brings out the best compatibility with all kinds of motors and the highest driving efficiency.
  • Wide-open heat-sink design to get the best heat dissipation effect.
  • With 3 types of start mode: Normal / Soft / Very-Soft, compatible with aircraft and helicopter.
  • Smooth, linear, quick and precise throttle response.
  • Multiple protection features: Low-voltage cut-off protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection
  • Perfect governor mode for helicopter.
  • User programmable. Several kinds of program methods are supported: transmitter, digital LED program card; PC software. Very easy to program the ESC at home or at the flying field.

Programmable items for the EMAX AIRCRAFT AND HELICOPTER ESC are:

  • Brake Setting.
  • Battery Type.
  • Low Voltage Protection Mode (Cutoff Mode).
  • Low Voltage Protection Threshold (Cutoff Threshold).
  • Start Mode.
  • Timing.
  • Governor Mode.
  • Motor Type.
  • PWM Frequency.
  • Built-In BEC Output.
  • Motor Load.
  • Li-Po Cells.