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Easy Trainer 1280mm, 2,4Ghz RTF

FMS Easy Trainer on kestävä ja helppo lentoinen RC-traineri aloittelijoille tai FPV alustaksi. RTF, sisältää kaiken tarvittavan lentokuntoon saattamiseksi.

  • Wingspan: 1.280mm (50.4in )
  • Overall Length: 910mm ( 35.8in )
  • Flying Weight: Around 660g


Malli FMS051_EasyT_1280_RTF
Merkki FMS
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Hinta:   €  134,68
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FMS 1280mm Easy Trainer. Suosittu ja kestävä traineri, jossa moottori takana suojassa. Sopii myös FPV alustaksi. Ready To Fly paketti, johon kuuluu kaikki tarvittava valmiiksi tehtaalla asennettuna.

-Material: Durable EPO
- Wing Span: 1.280mm (50.4in )
- Length: 910mm ( 35.8in )
- Flying Weight: Around 660g
- Servo: 9g Servo x4
- Motor: Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor
- ESC: 20A Brushless ESC
- Propeller: 5X3  2 Blade Propeller
- Battery: Li-Po 7.4.1V 1300mAh 15C (lisäakuksi suosittelemme: 1300 mAh 35C 2s1p 7,4 v, 5C lataus, huom liitin eri, hanki myös DC3 liitinpari)
- Radio: 4 Ch Radio Control
- CG Position: 70mm  (From Leading Edge)

  Maybe you're a new modeler looking for an easy-to-fly plane...or a more experienced pilot who wants that plus the maneuverability of an aileron-equipped model. Either way, the 1280 Easy Trainer. It's a complete flight system that features brushless power, cutting-edge 2.4GHz control — and room for everyone to grow.

  FMS have created this wonderfully exciting trainer glider in impact absorbing and resilient EPO foam. The mould quality is sublime adding to the efficiency and great looks; also combined with a high powered brushless motor and LiPo battery, give the budding modeller a new level of high performance excitement.

  Positive and negative loops, stall turns, point rolls and inverted flight are all easily performed with this model and it will also perform excellently simply hunting for thermals or slope flying, making it suitable for a wide range of pilots.