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Tämä tuote on lisätty tiistaina 23 syyskuuta, 2014.

Breeze EVO (coating edition) F3P sisälennokki, ARF

2014 päivitetty versio suositusta Breeze EVO sisälennokista. Ontoksi leikattua saksalaista depronia ja päällystetty ohella filmillä, jolla on saavutettu erittäin kevyt, mutta kestävä rakenne.
Wing Span: 780mm
Fuselage Length: 850mm
Wing Area: 13.5dm2
Weight: 110g

Malli DS-BreezeEVO_CE
Merkki DualSky
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Hinta:   €  47,34
Ilman ALV

Upgrade version of the very successful Breeze Pro EVO. For professional pilot only!

Coating Version Features:
● Advanced coating technology brings extreme performance
● German Depron material, much more durable and environment friendly
● UV Flat printing, ture color schema
● F3P basic style
● Stable flight performace
● Great crab performace

Breeze PRO Features:
Breeze PRO is an indoor aerobatic 3D airplane made of Depron, a rigid yet light weight material. This model is an excellent choice for high performance aerobatics.Breeze PRO is designed by a professional pilot from Dualsky team, it excels with unmatched flight characteristics and high flying performance. Stability is a key characteristic built into the plane to allow many different fluent 3D and pattern maneuvers.

Wing Span: 780mm
Fuselage Length: 850mm
Wing Area: 13.5dm2
Motor: Dualsky XM2812CA-27, the thrust of the motor should be more than 200g
Battery: 11.1V  250MAH or 7.4V 300MAH, 16C Lipo packs(min)
ESC: Dualsky 6A or 10A ESC
Weight: 110g