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0150 mAh 30C ECO-S 2s1p 7,4 v

DualSky 150 ECO, 30C (4,5 A) jatkuvaa, 50C (7,5A) hetkellisesti. 5 C lataus. Paino 10g. Alle 100g lennokeille.

Kennomäärä/jännite: 2s 7,4V
Akkuliitin: JST
Malli XP01502ECO
Merkki DualSky
Varastossa: 0
Hinta:   €  4,64
Ilman ALV

DualSky 150 ECO, 30C (4,5 A) continuous, 50C (7,5A) burst. 5 C charge

Dualsky Xpower battery technology
Laminated structure
Nano Coat Technology - Advanced Nano-electrode
Key materials imported from Japan
All packs include a XH balancing connector and a DC3  
heavy duty plug or JST connector
Super performance/value rate, fit for beginners

Capacity (mAh): 150
Voltage (V): 7,4
Energy (Wh): 1.02
Number of Cell: 2S
Weight (g): 10
Dimensions (L x W x T):38x12x12
Wiring: JST
Max Cont. Discharge: 30C
Max Charge Rate: 5C
Max Burst Discharge: 50C
Max Cont.  Current(A): 4.5
ESC for Aerobatics:2 Cell,6A