F4 lennonohjain
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F4 lennonohjain

Uusin F4 lennonohjain. STM32F4 CPU, MPU6000 Accelerometers and Gyroscopes. Weight: 5g

Malli V-good-F4
Merkki V-GOOD
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Hinta:   €  33,06
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F4  Racing  Flight Control
- MPU6000 Accelerometers and Gyroscopes
- MicroUSB socket.
- 1x 7pin JST-SH Socket (SUBS, SERIAL RX,TX,  5V, GND)
- 6 x 3 pin though-holes for pin headers for ESC 
 Weight: 5g

1) 36mm x 36mm (standard 30.5mm between mounting holes)
2) Support raceflight and betaflight firmware
3) Use MPU6000 gyro
4) Gyro and MCU have 3.3V independent power supply
5) No connectors, but with soldered holes.
6) Outputs for up to 6 motors (ESCs)
7) Three available hardware UART ports
8) Built in inverter for SBUS input
9) STM32F405 32-bit processor at 168MHz, 1Mb flash, 192kb ram
10) Micro USB connectivity using STM Virtual Communications Port
11) M25P16  16 Mbit, serial Flash memory, 75 MHz SPI bus interface
12) Support black box and strip LED